"This duo found the midpoint between traditional country and 1950s pop, then updated it with contemporary attitude."
- Independent Clauses on "Somone Told Me"

Jersey Beat premieres "Someone Told Me"

Ground Sounds premiered our video for "Know It All"

"Brash, immediate, strum-heavy, full-throated folk-pop that marries the enthusiasm of folk-punk with the good-hearted charm of a folk-pop tune."
 Independent Clauses on "Know It All"

The Music Rag asked us about our EP Wish I Was Wrong

"This is one of the best vocal duos I’ve heard since the Moldy Peaches or Oh Honey with a touch of Lou Reed thrown in."
-Audio Fuzz on "Know It All"

 The Deli LA featured our "Know It All" premiere

"expresses an uplifting message with genuineness, the sunny harmonies of singers Trevor Rue and Sam Roche sounding like the pure words of siblings in times of duress"
The Deli NYC premieres new single "Know It All"

"...the infectiousness of Pop pushing their music without needing to include Pop bubbles bursting from studio polish to dilute the song."
-The Alternate Root features Know It All in it's Top 10!

We talked to Vents Magazine about our new EP

Jersey Beat Best of 2014 list features Bitterheart EP

"a wealth of delightful duets that positively sparkle with utmost charm and vitality"
Jersey Beat reviewed our self-titled EP featured our Can't Stop video!